In 1951, the company had started the business from small industry family for producing and bottling garlic pickle, preserved mixed vegetable, dried turnip and salted preserved cabbage. The business has gradually developed to a stage where it is now able to produce a wide range of food products.

During 1961 – 1971, the company had developed manufacturing with introduced the Modern technology on food production and preservation to produce high quality products which are closest to nature in term of quality, taste, color and smell

In July 5, 1971, the company became a legal entity and registered as “Kwang ew lang” canning factory limited partnership” under “factory” enterprise on instant food production.

When the government encouraged the export of agricultural products in 1973, the company was strategically positioned to expand its market rapidly to foreign countries under its own trademark.  The export proportion was as high as 70 percent.

In 1987, our business grown so rapidly to be result to our capacity haven’t enough with demand in our market.  Therefore, we had built a plant on area more than 128,000 square meter in Muang district, Samutsakorn Province along with improved the production process and capacity with modern technology and imported the machine from foreign for produced the good and standard quality products enter into both of domestic and foreign market.  In addition to, our company had registered under the name as “Erawan Foods Company Limited” on November 4, 2530 along with had appointed the distributor in domestic market for spread the products under the trademark “Twin elephants & earth” brand through all consumers.

In 1992, the company had researched the new product with imported the machine from Germany with value more than 30 million baht for increasing the production line of canned coconut milk which the company had successfully and very popular among consumers in the foreign market.

In 2000, the company had invested more than 40 million baht for renovate factory and install new machine for additional capacity to support with market expansion in the future.

In 2004, the company had registered become to “Erawan Food Public Company Limited” since May 20, 2004 with registered capital 150 million baht.

In 2009, the company had expanded capacity continuously and invested more than 15 million baht for renovated factory and install new machine once again for able additional capacity to support with demand of more customer both of domestic and international market.

With experience of company more than 60 years had intent to improve the quality and standard products continuously to be result to our products had be consistently trusted and accepted by all consumers from both of nationwide and worldwide.

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