As a producer and exporter of canned vegetable and fruit products, the Erawan Food Public Company Limited is very proud to be a part in increasing values of agricultural produce and creating work among the local population. It promotes the concept "create value, create work". This means that it will use local resources so that they will increase in value and will create jobs for the local people. Managing by such concept, the Company selected the locations to put its plants close to the center of raw materials so that the Company could patronize the produce from nearby farmers and hire the local people to process them into canned fruits and vegetables. This strategy enables the Company to produce goods that meet the quality required by the Market.

As mentioned above, Our factory are located in the Middle part of Samutsakorn province which to be center of source for collection agricultural products from all regions of Thailand.


From Bangkok, drive along RAMA II Road for 32 kilometers. After the Samut Sakhorn intersection, drive up the bridge crossing Ta Chene River. Two kilometers after that, keep right and make a U-turn and you will find Mahachai Plant of Erawan Food Company Limited on the side of the highway. The Plant is situated on a 128,000-square-meter plot. The 50-million-Baht Plant opened for operation in 1987.

It has allotted suitable areas for the following purposes :

1. the ground to receive farm produce delivered by farmers
2. production and office building
3. warehouse for storage with space for transporting products
4. Machinery repair and maintenance building
5. workers' boarding houses and clusters of decorative garden
6. food cannery
7. water treatment pond

The Plant location has many advantages. First of all, it is close to the production site of raw materials like rambutan, coconut, white scale fish and mango available in the Province and neighboring provinces. This enables the Plant to readily procure quality raw materials. Additionally, Samut Sakorn is a strategic place to transport the products to the customers within and outside of the country as it has its own harbor and it is not very far from the Bangkok Harbor.

In terms of production, in 2000 the Company invested 40 million Baht to upgrade buildings and production process. Modern machinery was installed to increase productivity. The Plant promotes the concept "create value, create work" given by the Company's executives. The agricultural produce processed by the Plant to increase their value largely come from the area. The Plant activity is able to generate work and additional income for more than 300 people hired in the production process, such as weighing, removing seeds, and packing.

At present, the Samut Sakorn Plant is producing many types of products, such as canned rambutan, canned rambutan stuffed with pineapple, canned jackfruit, canned toddy palm seed, canned coconut milk, canned fried white-scale fish, canned quail eggs, etc. under the trademark of "Twin Elephants and Earth".

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