Coconut Milk UHT (Original)

UHT coconut milk is a product that comes from a process called ultra-high temperature pasteurization, which involves briefly heating the milk to a very high temperature while preserving the taste and nutrients of the milk. Erawan Food’s UHT coconut milk works as a great dairy substitute and ingredient for many kinds of dishes.


  • Net Content : 1000 ml. test
  • Packing : 12 boxes x 33.8 oz.


UHT stands for ultra-high temperature and is part of a process called ultra-high temperature pasteurization. In this process, the UHT coconut milk is boiled at approximately 140-144° C for four seconds before being cooled down. This ensures that harmful bacteria are killed in the UHT coconut milk, all the while retaining its distinctive, natural taste and nutrients.

UHT coconut milk is made of coconut milk, water, microcrystalline cellulose, various tree nuts, and their derivatives, as well as potassium metabisulfite, which UHT coconut milk uses as a form of preservative.

Twin Elephants and Earth  UHT coconut milk contains the following nutrients per 100 ml. :

  • 171 kcal Energy 
  • 3.2 carbohydrates (3.2g of which are sugars) 
  • 17g fat (15g of which is saturated fats) 
  • 2.3 protein 
  • 16mg calcium

Reference Number: 2046/2020(4)

UHT coconut milk can be used as a substitute for dairy and cream when creating curries, sauces, smoothies, and baked goods. This makes it an ideal ingredient when creating vegan-friendly dishes. An example of a dish that uses UHT coconut milk would be curries such as Thai green curry or Thai red curry, which can use UHT coconut milk as a main ingredient.


Coconut Milk (Lite)

7% – 9% FAT

Net Content : 400 ml.

Coconut Milk (Rich)

17% – 19% FAT

Net Content : 165 ml.
Net Content : 400 ml.
Net Content : 2900 ml.

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N.W. 170 g.

Baby Corn (Cut) in Brine

D.W. 230 g. / N.W. 425 g.
D.W. 1500 g. / N.W. 2950 g.


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