OEM Companies and You: Choosing Your Food & Drink Canning Solutions

In the competitive food and beverage manufacturing world, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) play a strategic role in enabling businesses to achieve growth and innovation. As business partners, OEMs provide a comprehensive range of solutions, from cutting-edge machinery and equipment to specialized expertise and technical support. Partnering with food and beverage OEM companies won’t just give companies access to increased production, it will also allow them to bring their private-label OEM products to market faster and cheaper. Read on and discover the key factors to consider when looking for an OEM partner, and how Erawan Food can empower your food and beverage needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an OEM Can Manufacturer

Selecting the right Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for your food and beverage company is an important decision that will significantly impact your operational efficiency, product quality, and overall success. With so many OEM companies offering specialized services and equipment, making an informed decision requires careful consideration of various factors. This guide will explore the essential factors to consider when searching for a food and beverage OEM manufacturer that best suits your company’s needs.

1.  Choose an OEM Manufacturer With Experience

This seems like a very obvious suggestion, but choosing an OEM manufacturer with experience is important for several reasons. Chief among these is ensuring that your OEM partner can produce the desired OEM product while having it follow industry standards. Experienced OEM companies won’t just follow these standards, but will also produce your OEM products according to industry guidelines and international safety standards.

2. Choose an OEM Company with a Good Reputation

In an industry as regulated as the food and beverage industry, choosing a reputable OEM company to partner with is crucial. A well-known OEM partner will only make use of high-quality materials for OEM products, have excellent technical support, and prioritize long-term strategic partnerships with their clients. A great way to find such a company is to search for those with years of experience, such as Erawan Food, which has operated as an OEM partner since 1951.

3. Choose an OEM Manufacturer with a Good Location

In the world of business, location is everything. Doubly so where food and beverage OEM companies are concerned. Ensuring that your OEM partner is in a good location is important because it helps reduce shipping costs for your OEM products, makes it easier to reach in case you need to make an onsite visit, and opens the potential for exploring partnerships with other local businesses, such as a nearby fruit orchard if you’re an OEM specializing in fruit-based products. Good locations include being 30 minutes away from Bangkok, as well as being approximately 2 hours away from major ports. Not only does this simplify your logistics network, but it also ensures that every major part of your business is within easy reach of one another.

4. Choose an OEM Company with Competitive Pricing

Choosing an OEM partner that offers their services at a competitive price is just as important. Price isn’t the only determining factor when choosing an OEM company. Consider your potential OEM partner’s price listings, and be prepared to negotiate with them.

5. Choose an OEM Manufacturer with Good Capacity

Manufacturing capacity forms one of the key factors when choosing an OEM partner. Here’s why it’s important. OEM companies with high-capacity manufacturing are capable of meeting the supply and demand requirements of their food and beverage partners. Not only does this let them produce OEM products at a higher rate, but these OEM manufacturers are more flexible when it comes to handling a sudden surge in orders and can deliver them on time.


With over 70 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, Erawan Food is a leading OEM partner committed to customer satisfaction and quality solutions to our partners. Using the latest in manufacturing technology, Erawan Food produces a wide range of plant-based fruit and vegetable OEM products. Contact Erawan Food and bring your business to a new level with a trusted OEM company.

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