Erawan Food’s Role in a Plant-Based Future

Driven by a desire for improved personal well-being and concern for the environment, plant-based diets have experienced a surge in popularity, gaining momentum worldwide. This new wave of change in the culinary world wouldn’t be possible without help behind the scenes: OEMs. Through the use of specialized equipment and machinery, food and beverage OEMs such as Erawan Food are leading the charge into a sustainable future.

Erawan Food: Your Trusted Partner in the Plant-Based Market

The market for plant-based OEM products is heating up, and distinguishing your business in this highly competitive segment is essential. Setting up an in-house production plant to meet this new surge in demand is time-consuming, and finding the right plant-based OEM partner will go a long way toward helping your business achieve a competitive advantage.

With a network of partners spanning more than 50 countries, Erawan Food has been delivering quality products since 1951 under the Twin Elephants and Earth brand. Through steady business development and a commitment to sustainability, Erawan Food is your partner of choice for meeting the challenges of plant-based food OEM production head-on. Whether your concerns are time to market or scaling production for demand, we empower you as a partner while providing modern solutions in this dynamic marketplace.

The Growing Demand for Plant-Based Food

Plant-based diets have come a long way from their humble beginnings in health food stores and are set to become a major driving force in the food and beverage industry. From health-conscious consumers to the growing awareness about environmental sustainability, here are some considerations businesses need to make to keep up with a future based on plants.

Keeping Up With Trends And Plant-Based Diet to the World

Going meatless has given rise to globe-spanning trends that will set the narrative for consumers in the coming decades. This isn’t just about plant proteins over meats, or the latest in dairy-free products, but will instead require a mixture of innovating flavors, exploring formats of food, and expanding plant-based menus to draw in more people.

A popular trend that is set to grow with this demand is that of convenience. Consumers opting for meat-free solutions are going to want food that is easy to prepare, tastes good, and has a clear breakdown of nutritional values. Partnering with a food and beverage OEM service allows you to skip the set-up and production costs and focus on strengthening your brand.

Why Should We Promote a Plant-Based Diet?

Plant-based diets are known to have a positive impact on human health and help prevent diseases, as well as help protect the planet from climate change. But these benefits extend beyond health, the environment, and trends. Companies promoting these diets are getting several benefits, which include the following.

1. Tapping Into A Growing Market

Global demand for meatless products is set to continue growing and has no signs of slowing down. This presents an opportunity for companies to reach out to an audience of millions who are eager to adopt a plant-based lifestyle.

2. Differentiation Through Innovation

Working with a food and beverage OEM service helps businesses attract new customers and strengthens their position in the market. Not only do innovations in meat-free products offer possibilities, but they also add innovation potential. This reduces risks, and appeals to a wider market segment, while also ensuring that businesses remain resilient in a dynamic marketplace.

3. Enhanced Brand Image

Going plant-based shows the wider public and potential new customers that you are committed to sustainability and ethical practices and a commitment to health, which in turn boosts your brand’s appeal and increases trust.

4. Preparing For Future Regulations

New agricultural practices will likely favor sustainability practices. Businesses that focus on promoting plant-based products are staying ahead of the competition, and are preparing themselves for future regulations.

Crafting Exceptional Plant-Based Products With Our OEM Services

The applications of meat-free alternatives as main ingredients have given rise to vegan-friendly versions of popular meals. Plant-based tuna is a versatile ingredient that can serve as an ideal substitute for tuna. Delicious and gluten-free, use it as a substitute for meat in the following dishes.

Tuna Salad Sandwich

Sometimes, the best dish is also the simplest. Picture the classic tuna salad sandwich – a simple snack with a twist. Instead of tuna flakes, the main ingredient is a meat-free tuna substitute that is packed with flavor, fiber, and protein. Although the rest of the sandwich follows a familiar recipe, the beauty of sandwiches is their customizability. Substitute the mayo for another sauce such as mustard, hummus, or Greek yogurt for an extra burst of flavor, then top it off with cheese and other additional toppings.

Tuna Burger

This version of the classic tuna burger replaces the tuna with a substitute immersed in rice bran oil. An excellent alternative to red meat, vegan tuna can be marinated and seasoned to create a perfect patty that still captures the essence of the original tuna burger. Add a side of potato wedges, experiment with sauce combinations, and experience a meal that is both cruelty-free and sustainable.


As the global demand for meat alternatives continues to soar, partnering with an OEM company in the food and beverage industry is more important than ever. With over 70 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, Erawan Food’s commitment to quality is further underscored by some of our certifications, which include a “Higher Level” rating from IFS Food, an A+ from the BRCGS Food Safety, and a certification from BSCI Amfori. Contact Erawan Food and we will help your business promote plant-based diets around the world.

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